Sustainable and responsible

Our company

Already since the mid-1980s, experience has been gathered around Singlet-Oxygen-Energy and the technology for the generation of singlet oxygen has been developed. Air-Light GmbH was founded in 2012 and now continues the development to offer contemporary and innovatively designed products that are based on the latest research. We continue to use and develop the data and experience gathered from all over the world since the mid-1990s.

Thus, step by step, very close to the people, the technology and its application could and can be refined and optimized, always in collaboration with renowned companies and partners.

Prof. Karl-Heinz Röber (2022 deceased)

The renowned scientist and honorary professor at the University of Shanghai, presented us in particular the groundbreaking results of his study of the air-atmosphere and water – “the driving force of all nature”, highlighting their importance based on numerous evidences.

Röber’s conclusion number 1: At Air-Light GmbH, the secret of healthy forest air has been deciphered – thanks to Air-Light GmbH, nature’s energy is now available everywhere! And our conclusion number 2: Thanks to Professor Röber’s invention and research drive, we are now gaining completely new insights into our two most vital elements – air and water!

With the energy of conviction as well as passion we implement them sustainably at Air-Light GmbH!


AIR+One Devices

The AIRLIGHT energy station is an innovative development resulting from years of research and development by German physicians, researchers, scientists and engineers that began more than 30 years ago.

The system is a practical solution for all people who are directly affected by the growing burden of global air pollution, are exposed to high and growing stress levels or suffer from chronic diseases. For healthy people it is the basic system to stop or prevent premature aging processes caused by the environment.

Eco-friendly LED Products

Light is an effective element and gives buildings a profile, increases safety in the workplace, and influences people’s sense of well-being and performance. Our LED know-how is not only in our luminaires, and there are good reasons for that: In the future, it will no longer be just energy consumption that counts, but the contribution of lighting to people’s well-being.

An efficient lighting concept also includes good advice, planning and execution. Our company is committed to acting responsibly towards people and the environment! We work only with well-known German LED manufacturers.

Our Philosophy

This century calls for a special reorientation with regard to sustainability and environmental compatibility – both in dealing with ourselves and with our environment.

In order to keep the air, water and earth clean, the responsible selection of materials, which also guarantee high quality, represents our highest guiding principle. Accordingly, the devices are designed and manufactured from materials that conserve resources and can be recycled in the best possible way.