Pure breath energy like from nature

Compact devices for room air energy recovery

In nature we find an almost unlimited surplus of energy. Only in this way is life, is renewal, is recovery possible. However, the topic of air and breathing is often reduced only to the chemical composition and air pressure. Far too little consideration is given to the fact that natural air energy regenerates and stabilizes our performance and health.

Model nature

Not all breathing air is the same. We notice this most clearly in the great outdoors. When a fresh sea breeze blows around our noses or we take a deep breath in the shady forest, we become sensually aware of it. We generally believe that this decisive difference has to do with the oxygen content. However, this is not true. Because everywhere this is about 21%, no matter whether in closed rooms or airy heights. It is about the quality, the content, the purity, the energetic intensity of our air.

During hours of meetings and concentrated work inside closed rooms we talk about stale air. We open the windows and new energetic air flows in. Immediately we feel better and more invigorated.


Following the example of nature, the technology in the AirLight devices is built. As in nature, the oxygen content of the air is activated and immediately inactivated again by the air humidity. Air then flows out of the device, in which water molecules transport the energy from the oxygen inactivation.

When using our devices in rooms, we can feel the natural revitalization and regeneration, just as we experience it in intact nature.

Sustainable products for a better life

The active principle of AIR-LIGHT

Electrically charged water molecules, dissolved with the help of oxygen, in the air as EZ water, have over 2000 times greater energetic effect in our body than in the compact, liquid form and are therefore much more biologically effective.

This is also the secret of the health-promoting forest air. We don’t drink it, but unfortunately we can breathe it in fewer and fewer places in nature. It remains effective in our bodies for three to five days and thus protects us from all negative environmental influences.

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